Same Device Approach

Instead of installing AirGap Vault on an offline device, you can also install AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet on your every-day phone and profit from added security through application sandboxing and app switching for communication.

AirGap VaultHandles The Private Key

The AirGap Vault app is installed on a dedicated that has no connection to any network.

The most secure private key generation in the industry

The enhanced entropy collection concept adds additional data to the entropy seed to generate a secure secret.

Secure Storage

Dedicated secure storage, the private key is saved in the secure enclave of the mobile device with biometric authentication.

Social Recovery

Secure key handling with social recovery option, split a private key in shares where only a pre-defined number is needed for recovey.

Communication through App switching

AirGap WalletOnly Public Information

The AirGap Wallet companion app is installed on an everyday smartphone.

Companion application

The online counter-part to AirGap Vault and responsible for communication with the blockchains.


Summarized account balance and price development. Overview of balance and staking information for every address.


Only uses public data

Only aware of publicly available data and does not store any secret. Responsible for blockchain communication.


Support for various assets

List of currently supported coins and blockchains on AirGap

The Transaction Steps

The steps for a successful transaction with both apps.

Create Transaction on AirGap Wallet.
Transaction opens in AirGap Vault.
Sign Transaction on AirGap Vault.
Confirmation opens in AirGap Wallet.
Broadcast Transaction with AirGap Wallet.

It’s in your hand to protect your coins

AirGap is available on multiple platforms, you can download AirGap for iOS, Android and desktop.

AirGap Vault

AirGap Wallet