Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’

Secure your various crypto assets with one secret on an offline device.


These form the basis of AirGap.


Offline Signing


Offline Secret Storage


Protocol Agnostic


Secure Storage


Secure Secret Creation


Multiple Platforms

The AirGap Approach

AirGap can not only be used with a completely offline device but also on your every-day smartphone.

Supported Coins & Tokens

Currently, we support these currencies, but thanks to our protocol design, we will be able to add many more in the future.

Ethereum ERC20


AirGap not only offers transaction support for different protocols and tokens but also comes with more extended features.


With the Exchange support in AirGap Wallet, swaps can be made directly in-App without having to transfer funds to an exchange and then creating an order. Seamlessly exchange Tezos, Ethereum, Bitcoin and æternity ERC20 directly inside AirGap Wallet.

Delegation & Baking

AirGap has with the baker tezosAirGap a validator for the Proof of Stake protocol Tezos. XTZ holders can earn a share of the validation reward by delegating their Tezzies to a baker. Delegating to tezosAirGap can be made directly in AirGap Wallet.

Browser Extension

AirGap’s Browser Extension bridges the Desktop with the AirGap Vault. Offering secure interactions with protocols directly out of the browser and signing transaction within the offline device in AirGap Vault.

Download AirGap, what are you waiting for?

AirGap is available on multiple platforms, you can download AirGap for iOS, Android, Chrome and as a live distribution.

AirGap Wallet Browser Extension

AirGap KnoxInstitutional Self-Custody Solution

Whereas AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet are focused on the end user. AirGap Knox is the equivalent for businesses.
Multiple Currency Support

AirGap Knox supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC 20 tokens, but will add more protocols in the near future.


Your private keys are generated and stored in a way that even AirGap can never access them, even if we tried.

Air-gapped Approach

With our air-gapped approach, your private keys are safely stored without any remote access whatsoever.

Rate Limiter

Define amounts and set time delays for each specific wallet you manage, you are in full control.

Learn more about AirGap Knox and the services we provide for institutions.

Open Source Project

This project is open source and will stay open source. We are happy for any help! Issues reporting, new feature request or pull requests are more than welcome.

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