Self custody made simple and secure

Protect your crypto and store your private keys offline. It’s time to set up your safe place for your coins and get rewards.


AirGap Vault & AirGap Wallet


Offline Transaction Signing


Offline Secret Storage


Protocol Agnostic


Secure Storage


Secure Secret Creation


Multiple Platforms

AirGap is more than an ordinary hardware wallet

Based on a two device approach, increasing security and usability with YOU in the driver’s seat

AirGap Vault

Installed on a dedicated smartphone that is completely offline and has no connection to any network, thus it is air-gapped.

AirGap Wallet

The companion application to AirGap Vault installed on your every-day phone and not aware of any secrets.

1, 2, 3 Done – Seamless Usability

The AirGap’s two device approach is the most elegant and securest way to sign transactions. No cables, no clunky button-based interface – Just seamless One-Way communication with QR codes.

AirGap Wallet prepares a new transactions and generates a QR code

QR is scanned by the Vault and signed with the secret stored in the secure enclave

Scan Transaction QR with the Wallet and broadcast it

Only want to use one device?

There is nothing to worry about! AirGap can also be used on a single device! With seamless interaction between the two applications. 

Self Custody made possible by a Swiss mobile security company

Generate and manage your private keys offline in cold storage.

Developed by a trusted company

Created by the Swiss company Papers, with more than 10 years of mobile security experience

Audited by security professionals

All AirGap components have undergone multiple security audits by third parties

Fully Open Source

The code of all AirGap components is fully open source and accessible on our GitHub

You can recover your access in no time with the help of your recovery phrases. This unique secret will be created when you initially set up AirGap. It is crucial to keep this secret safe, we do not store or keep copies of this recovery phrase!

A cold wallet stores the user’s private keys in a secure hardware device fully isolated from the internet. The private key has to be kept secure since it authorises outgoing transactions on the blockchain.

When you own crypto currencies, what you really own is a “private key.” This key unlocks the right to spend the associated coins. If someone is aware of your secret that person could potential transfer your funds.

It’s in your hand to protect your coins

AirGap is available on multiple platforms, you can download AirGap for iOS, Android and desktop.

AirGap Vault

AirGap Wallet